Who We Are

Conceived in 2006, our mission has not changed. Area.Africa is digitizing and elevating the way we do business and service delivery in Africa. We’re one of the only firms that aims to serve not just a small number of middle and high income clients, but the average African, regardless of their educational and economic status.

Our Vision: To be the first and only stop for any individual, organization, or business looking to buy a product or service. To revolutionize trade on the continent, by making it easy, secure, and accessible.

As an African owned and founded social enterprise, we’re driven to create opportunities for ALL Africans, and to sustainably improve our quality of life on the continent. Area.Africa aims to show that doing business in Africa can be easy, safe, seamless, ethical, and profitable. We currently have an innovative suite of over 12 products and services that are integrated within our flagship product FindME. Our business and consumer focused services and products are uniquely suited for the African technological context and serve a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.

Area.Africa is wholly owned by E-Connect Global Africa Limited (eGAL)–the solutions company. eGAL is a professional service and technology firm that crafts tailored solutions for business and society. We provide our private and public sector clients with the technology, expertise, and manpower needed to solve their most important challenges. We bridge the technological gap in Africa with solutions that are created to operate under the unique connectivity issues on the continent. We do this by leveraging the abundance of human resources in Africa to complement our technology-based products and services.