Bridging the technology gap to improve business and service delivery in Africa.


Built on Excellence.

  • AreaShoppers: Buy and sell to and from anyone, anywhere

An e-commerce platform that allows you to buy and sell to anyone, anywhere. Our human resource complement makes it possible to buy from even the smallest vendor in the most remote corner of Ghana, regardless of the owner’s internet access. We’re digitizing commerce from the ground up, and making it possible and convenient to purchase goods and services. AreaShoppers allows even the most illiterate and unlikely entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and reach new markets. AreaShoppers is about commerce without borders, and our integrated delivery and payment platform, complemented by our large force of AreaBosses, means the businesswomen with our smartphone app can buy and sell just as easily as the village farmer without a cellphone. 

  • AreaJobs: We connect people to job opportunities. 

“An online employment solution for people seeking new professional opportunities, and for companies looking for great people. Our platform is more than a job board, it’s a comprehensive employment platform with temporary and permanent career opportunities for the right candidate. We vet candidates and firms to ensure transparency and fit.

  • FindME: The most comprehensive directory of services, businesses, and organizations, all at your fingertips, within seconds.

Our flagship product. An innovative proprietary app that helps people find goods, services and opportunities, in any area, right from their mobile phones and personal computers. Visit our app or call our hotline, and find ANYTHING within a particular location.  All other services and products are integrated into this.

  • AreaConnect: social media for social impact, organize your neighbors and communities in action

A social media platform that makes it possible to organize across space for any cause or reason. It is a platform for communities, and designed to address the unique social needs of the region. Use our platform to contact your local representative, emergency services, report a public issues. Our system allows you to integrate existing social media platform for seamless onboarding.

  • AreaDelivery: Have anything delivered quickly and securely.

A courier delivery service that always you to move anything, big or small, lightweight or heavy from any location. All deliveries are insured and trackable. 

  • AreaEats: Food and groceries on demand. 

A food and grocery marketplace that connects customers with ANY food vendor. Customers can conveniently order food online and have it delivered to them within the hour, or schedule for a future delivery date. We offer a subscription model that allows for regular delivery at specified times. Order from the major restaurant, or the lady at the corner who sells roasted plantain. 

  • AreaTaxi: Rides on demand

A transportation network company offering services that include ride service hailing and peer-to-peer ridesharing. We offer of vehicles, from motorbikes, to matutus, cars, and buses. All drivers are thoroughly vetted for safety. Customers without smartphones can call for a ride. Our service also has a subscription model that allows for regular pickups. We work not only with private vehicles, but existing taxi services as well. Using our optional bidding feature means passengers get the best rates, while allowing drivers more autonomy and control over their fares and destinations. 

  • AreaFoods: Packaged foods, locally and organically sourced and neatly packaged. 

Our branded and in-house packaged food products come from local farmers and are are sourced within the country. Customers can rest assured they are receiving the highest quality products are the most affordable prices. Our agrobusiness solution reduces food waste, guarantees income for farmers, and allows for agriculture value development. Our products are sustainably packaged and closely inspected. 

  • AreaFarms: Wholesale farm goods, directly from the farm to your business. 

A platform for restaurants and other businesses in the agrobusiness space. Buy wholesale directly from farmers anywhere in the country without leaving your office. We pick up your produce from the farm and deliver it directly to your business.

  • AreaHotels: Hotel room, for any budget. 

Hotel  directory service and crowd-sourced review forum. A hotel marketplace that includes more than just the major hotels. Customers can find any hotel, at extremely affordable rates. Book online or over the phone. Our bidding feature also means customers can get deep discounts at major hotels, and hotels can fill rooms.